Frequently Asked Questions

People with diabetes are more prone to developing medical issues with their feet and lower leg.

These conditions result from among many things, a diminished blood flow to the foot. 

Many ordinary socks found in department stores can exasperate these conditions. Diabetic socks are knit with special features that avoid worsening these conditions.

Firstly diabetic socks are knit with a flat smooth toe seam as opposed to the raised sewn seams found in ordinary socks which could cause chafing and abrasion.

They also have the ability to stretch and fit most calf sizes without binding and restricting the circulation the leg. Diabetic socks rarely leave the telltale red ring around the calf that other socks do.

It is vital to keep the foot dry and avoid moisture collecting on the foot so as not to provide a breeding ground for bacteria. For this reason most diabetic socks are knit with moisture wicking fibers or are treated to wick moisture away from the skin.

The old school theory maintained that cotton socks could absorb moisture and potentially lead to bacterial forming.  However with the advent of new and effective moisture wicking agents this is no longer true.

Yes, many of the conditions associated with Diabetes are common with other medical conditions. Swelling of the foot and lower leg will benefit from a sock than can accommodate a large cross stretch. Feet that experience skin sensitivity will be more comfortable in a sock with a flat toe seam which does not irritate the toes. People with arthritis will find the simple act of putting on their socks in the morning much easier if the sock provides enhanced ability to stretch.

All day, every day, while you are up. Your socks are your first line of defence against injuring your foot. You are less likely to sustain a cut or puncture if you have some protective covering on your foot

Many health care professionals will recommend that their Diabetic patients wear white socks if they have neuropathy (lack of sensation of the nerve endings in their foot). Individuals with Neuropathy often do not realize that their foot has sustained an injury because they can not feel it. By inspecting their white socks at the end of the day they will notice possible dis-colouration that resulted from an injury of infection.

Take heart, Simcan has developed the first fashion socks that have been specially designed to be worn safely by people with Diabetes. Their new Color Series are available in men’s and women’s sizing and are a fusion of bright vibrant colours and some of the most sophisticated health features that can be incorporated into a Diabetic socks.

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You can wash any of our socks in warm water and warm dry.  For best results and to have them last the longest we suggest to wash in cool and hang to dry.  Best for the enviroment and your pocket

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